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Your Bike Might Qualify You for a Multi-Vehicle Discount

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If you own recreation vehicles, like motorcycles, RVs, quads or dirt bikes, there is a good chance you also own a car or a truck. Since you need insurance for your toys and your car or truck, it makes sense to buy your insurance through the same company and take advantage of multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts. If your current company doesn’t offer insurance for recreational vehicles, now could be the perfect time to shop around for one that does.

Multiple Vehicle Discounts

You may be surprised to learn that your ATV, motorcycle, boat or RV will qualify for a multiple vehicle discount. You might even qualify if those vehicles belong to anyone in your household, so long as you are all with the same insurance company.

Most people believe that the only way to earn this discount is through insuring more than one car with the same company. The truth is, you can qualify for multiple vehicle discounts if you insure any recreational vehicle with the same company that you or a family member insures a car or truck through. Using the same company for all of your vehicles can save you the time of dealing with more than one agent, and it can save you money on all of your family’s insured vehicles.

Multiple Policy Discounts Could be Available

A multiple policy discount is different from a multiple vehicle discount because it requires that two separate individuals who live at the same residence both sign up for insurance from the same company. Most insurance companies require that the multiple policy owners be related by blood or by marriage in order to qualify. You could earn a discount if you insure your car or truck and your spouse insures an ATV or motorcycle. Check with your insurance company to see if a multiple policy discount is available and learn about the details.

Advantages of Bundling Your Insurance

There are several advantages to keeping your insurance coverage with a single insurance provider. Using one insurance company means that you only have to spend time talking with a single agent. That agent knows you better and can recommend insurance changes that take into account all of the vehicles you own, including your motorized toys. The special discounts that most insurance companies offer for multiple vehicle and multiple policyholders can save you hundreds of dollars a year in some cases. If you choose to use the same insurance company for your homeowner’s insurance or life insurance, you could save even more.

Do Some Research First

Since you have the option to change insurance providers at any time, it makes sense to do some research into your options when you purchase any new vehicle. Online insurance quote websites make it easy to look through several quotes from different companies in your state after filling out a single form. The time it takes to learn whether you might get a better deal through a different insurance company can be worth it when you find the right coverage at a lower price. For the best results, request at least three quotes.

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