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Toyota Begins 100 Cars for Good Campaign

Toyota Begins 100 Cars for Good Campaign
Written by Rabail

There are many people that believe that cars have lost their importance today because almost everybody has a car, but a single new car means a lot to nonprofit firms that need some kind of vehicle that they can put to good use. This is exactly why Toyota has been working to provide 100 Cars to 100 Non profit companies that need better cars for their cause. Toyota believes that they can do lot of good if they can provide more cars to nonprofit companies and organizations and therefore they have come up with their campaign called 100 Cars for Good.

This is the second year that Toyota has come up with such campaign and the winners for this campaign will be selected directly through Facebook voting. Hence, companies that are trying to win the car will have to fill in the application forms and enter the campaign. They will have to enter and read the rules for the campaign and also upload a short video where they can explain why they need a brand new car and how they will make use of that vehicle if they win it. There will be public voting for all the applications and organizations with more votings will win the cars.

Toyota believes that this is one way that they can help the society and the community because every single car that they give away to these nonprofit organizations will be put to use in better way which will help the community.

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