2013 Chevrolet J.D. Powers Awards


Every year J.C. Powers gives automobiles awards that set the standard for consumers to compare what is hot and what is not.  In 2013 the early results gave Chevrolet an advantage over other brands.  Chevrolet received more 2013 J.D. Power initial quality awards than any other automotive brand.  That speaks volumes for the quality and… Continue Reading

Dodge Charger Appears in Syfy’s “Defiance”

Dodge Charger

The Dodge brand partners with Syfy, the television network, and Trion worlds, developer of video games, for a new online video game and a TV show called “Defiance.” Alien Invasion Show “Defiance” is a science fiction show about Earth fighting an alien war, making it a perfect addition to Syfy channel’s futuristic shows.  It is… Continue Reading

Making it “Strong(er)” for the All New Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

“He’s a 20 year straight get to work on time, he’s loved one woman for all his life. Everybody knows he ain’t just tough, he’s strong. He’ll pick you up, won’t let you down, rock-solid inside and out; he’s strong. Somebody you can trust. Steady as the sun. Ain’t nothin’ gonna knock him off the… Continue Reading

No More Chevy in Europe


General Motors Inc (GM) announces withdrawal of Chevrolets in Europe in an effort to strengthen its European operations. The established automaker reasons out that the pull out on one of its signature brands is, Europe’s difficult economic situation. Change will take effect at the beginning of 2016. (Source: ShopLynch.com). Taking the Step to Focus GM… Continue Reading

Banshee: The GTA IV’s Dodge Viper RT/10

Dodge Viper RT/10

Dodge cars are among the most impressive automobiles known in our contemporary times. A car representing this brand is an ideal vehicle around high rise cities like New York, Los Angeles, Paris or Sydney. The Dodge cars often come by the stereotypical qualities of being fast, sleek and fluid. Dodge cars have plenty of models… Continue Reading

The Five Best Tips for Road Trips

Car Tips and Guides
Tips for Road Trips

Road trips can be extremely fun. Check out these tips to make sure you are prepared: 1. Get your car checked Getting your car checked out before any long journey is always a good idea, especially if you’re driving through other countries and don’t know the language. Key things you should look at include perishable… Continue Reading