How to Test a Car Battery with a Digital Multimeter

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Owning a car is a passion that almost everybody has. Whether it is a big or a small one, owning a pair of wheels with the steering is something that a lot of people look forward to. However, just owning it and driving it around all day is not all that there is to it…. Continue Reading

Must-Have Automotive Technology in 2015

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In-car Internet connectivity

We have seen technology being used in various ways in these modern times. Many fields where tech is being applied are simply for making our lives easier, but on the other hand, there are purposes for saving lives, and assisting us greatly. One such way is modern technology applied within automotive industry, something becoming more… Continue Reading

Driving Done Right – Tips & Tricks

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Car Driving Safety Tips

To be able to drive is a luxurious privilege which most take for granted. To be a good and conscious driver, it is important not only to learn to drive safely, but it is also vital that you find your own technique when driving. Your own style will help you relax, and reduce accumulated road… Continue Reading

Kelley Blue Book Honors 2015 Ford F-150 with Overall Best Buy Award

Kelley Blue Book

While automakers are more concerned about their sales and profits, but they are equally concerned about how they can improve the overall driving experience and win some of the prestigious awards that allow them to race ahead of their rivals. Honoring some of the new vehicles has become quite common in the auto industry as… Continue Reading

Long Drive Dos And Don’ts: Useful tips before you take your family or friends for the long drive!

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Long Drive Dos And Don’ts

In today’s hectic routines, where life is confined in the cubicles of office and home, your mind often compels you to discover means of relaxation and nothing is as relaxing as long drive. Pack your backpacks, turn on your GPS machine and gear up the engine. But before you start, let me share the mandatory… Continue Reading

Potentially Costly Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Auto Insurance

Automotive insurance is mandatory in many states and highly recommended everywhere else. By being an uninsured driver, you risk dealing with financial penalties and permanent marks on your driving record. Although it’s generally possible to enjoy car insurance rates that are very reasonable, some people have habits that translate into higher premiums. Keep reading to… Continue Reading