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The hottest car technologies made it to the year 2015

Written by Suhail Ajmal

Every year, automotivecompanies churn outmillions of vehicles while aiming to keep abreast of modern technology and innovation. This modernization encompassesvehicle technology, supply chain escalation, product development, and after-sales support. As consumer expectations shift, vehicle manufacturers rethink how their cars may personify user experience that exceeds the expectations of the cominggeneration.The automotive industry is continually instituting exciting technologies, be it for safety, amusement, convenience, or for sheerinnovation.It is revolutionizing human transportation. MotorTrader looks at trends in the automotive industry and how remote server hosting, large data sets, mobility and new-fangledknowledge are blending to make this one of the most exhilarating periods in the industry.

The significance of technological innovation?

Research and development organizations are continuously challenged by three things:

  • Administering R&D for business expansion
  • Advancing innovation
  • Incorporatingtechnologicalforecast with business strategy

However in response to pressing business and technology needs, R&D departments are poised to counter company’s financial constraints and yet come up with innovative offerings.Automotive firms are in a race to step up innovation to regain product excitement.

Modern automobiles area sophisticated possession. They function in severe climate conditions, runon the coarsest roads, and operate at highway speeds, all the while meeting several regulatory standards. This is why every facet of the contemporary automobile is now high-tech, and that alone helps shape the footing of the automobile company in the industry.

A 2014 study by revealed that around 69% of automobile owners expressed a preference for technology over color.However, the same study also stressed the magnitude of safety over infotainment as 84% vehicles owners prioritize wellbeing.

The hottest car technologies made it to the year 2015?

Buyers demand high-tech features but cannot fathom the way technology works. The challenge here is to make technical features simpler. However, there’s always a possibility that most carmakers do not get it right every time. But that hasn’t deterred them from introducing new systems designed to make commuting effortless, secure, and entertaining.

Take a look at the powerful technology available in 2015 that seemed light-years away just a short time ago.


They light up the road ahead and even around bends and turns. The system uses motors that are adjusted to work with the navigation system. The headlights point in the direction the car points in. Though they do not facilitate looking around the corners, they are equipped to reduce the probability of collisions with other vehicles, quotes MotorTrader from Highway Loss Data Institute report.


They are designed to avoid accidents with pedestrians with the help of far-infrared cameras, high-resolution displays and programs thatidentify the impressions of passersby, cyclists and other beasts. Hazardsin close vicinity are typicallyemphasized in yellow but forewarning of imminent crashesmaterializes in a head-up display together with a ringing signal.


App-driven technologies have enabled drivers to locatevacant parking spaces in crammed townsand municipalities. What more, the car can be re-tracked if the car owner forgets where he had parked the car.A number of companies offer services for locating, reserving, and payingbeforehand for parking space close tothe driver’s destination. ParkMeor SpotHero are two good choices whereas Volkswagen’s Car-Netoffers Last Parked Location service so that drivers will never really forget the position of the parked car.


If a car offers autonomous parking feature, the vehicle will maneuver itself into a parallel or perpendicular parking space with the help of cameras and sensors. The driver will only control the gearbox and the foot pedals.The Lincoln MKC is a living proof of how good the feature is. The vehicle can also haul itself out from a space in case the driver finds it sandwiched between two otherautomobiles.


Though luxury carmakers to the likes of Audi, BMW, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz, etc. have already offeredInternet access on chosen models, General Motors has successfullyequipped most in its lineup with OnStar. The 4G LTE Wi-Fi has turned cars into a mobile hotspot able to sustain up to seven diversegadgets. It’s a premium service; users can pay to renew service after the initial offering expires.


Being a smartphone integration platform, the system is equipped to hook upthegadgets to an onboard infotainment system.If need be, the infotainment system can be adapted to behave as the smartphone’s operating system. The two screens hence tally, making it more spontaneousin terms offunctioning.


The car engine turns off when you slam on the brake pedal and restarts as the foot is re-lifted to save preventable fuel consumption. Idling engines cause unnecessary fuel burning. With the auto feature, an improved fuel economy will come with reduced emissions making it a win-win situation.


This system monitors objects on the road ahead. If a collision is in the offing, the system activates an alarm or pulsates the steering wheel and/or seat. Advanced systems automatically deceleratethe car till it stops. It’s a great feature that can restrict or thwart damage in times of unfocused driving.

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