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Genesis Coupe Named 2010’s, The Best New car by Cars

Genesis Coupe by Hyundai Motors USA, ranked top as top and the best car for the year 2010, and is awarded this credits by’s top cars list on the website. This is the second time Hyundai has positioned number 1 for consecutive two years. Previously it was Genesis Sedan by Hyundai Motors USA, which becomes the favorite on the roads.

Photo by digital boteman

Photo by digital boteman

Aaron Gold, the cars journalist from said “If you are looking at cars like Nissan 370Z, Ford Mustang, Chevy Cobalt SS or Volkswagen GTI, you will definitely want to test drive the Genesis Coupe”. Then said “It’s not better, it’s not worst, it’s just different. Although, in the case of the genesis coupe, different is better”.

There is not much available like Genesis Coupe, it gives you a choice of 200+ Horse Power turbo four cylinder, or 300+ HP. It has optional track tuned suspension. High-end amenities, and a price range of $23’000 to $32’000. Hyundai Motors are very excited about this achievement and they say that we are now getting used to such feedback and response. As we are always more committed to produce vehicles who proves to be best in performance as well as quality.

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