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When was the last time you waxed your car?

Written by Jim Loxley

Waxing your car isn’t something that they just did in the old days. Regular car waxing will improve your vehicle’s look and, most importantly, will prolong the life span of its paint. It seems that few people do it anymore and that’s too bad.  Paint jobs are expensive!

What You’ll Need

You will want to give your car a good buffing to clean up the paint before you wax it so you’ll want an orbital buffer. These can be purchased for as little as $40 at any auto parts or tool store. You’ll need some buffing pads and buffing compound ($10) and you can buy car wax and microfiber cloths in kit form for $10 to $20.

What you do

Buffing is the first step. It removes a microscopic amount of the paint’s top layerexposing the fresh, vibrant paint underneath. Waxing your car immediately after buffing will replace the protective properties of the top layer and make the paint look like new.

How to do it

Spread the compound out evenly across the area with the buffing pad (while the buffer is not in motion) to ensure that the compound doesn’t splatter onto nearby surfaces.
Turn the buffer on and work the area in circular motions, holding the pad completely flat at all times. Be careful, turning the buffer at an angle or applying too much pressure can injure the paint surface and cause swirling.

Buffing should usually be done once a year. If you live in a coastal region and your car is stored outside, it may require more frequent buffing. This is due to the high salt content of sea air, which causes paint to oxidize faster.


Using the buffer, apply car wax using a clean pad. Spread it evenly, gently pulsing the trigger of the buffer (instead of keeping the buffer turned on continuously). Let the wax completely dry (refer to the directions on the bottle for more details). Then use a microfiber cloth to remove the wax, using circular motions to achieve a high gloss.

Because it’s generally recommended that you waxyour car every three months (but don’t buff every time you wax), car waxing is a good skill to have. Your car will look great, and you will have saved yourself some good money.

Source: Lynch Chrysler – Fine Used Cars

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