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Acura with Their December and Year End Sales

Acura has brought out their December and year end sales that have brought out great results along with some TL Leads sales. There have been some top All-new ZDX hits across showrooms that have come up with luxury performance along with sales of older units. The new sales came to be followed with TSX sports and bringing in high quality sedan sales.


There have been impressive 17.9% higher sales record among light trucks and these have reached down to 105,723 which is a 28% lower than in 2008. The TL performance for luxury sedan has gained a lot in terms of traction in marketplace along with the availability of Super Handling All-wheel Drive.

This is new and powerful along with the six speed manual with the high end transmission model. Jeff Conrad of Acura sales has brought forth the importance of luxury, performance and safety all woven in one innovative format. This all together brings in a high end combination that helps suchj a car to be well received in diverse forms of markets. The TL has been Acura’s long standing best selling model. This sedan has been bringing great client reviews since its first official release. This luxury SUV again got through light truck sales along with being sold in just few days itself. The RDX sales has been quite standard even though economically it has been a challenging time for most companies.

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