The hottest car technologies made it to the year 2015

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Every year, automotivecompanies churn outmillions of vehicles while aiming to keep abreast of modern technology and innovation. This modernization encompassesvehicle technology, supply chain escalation, product development, and after-sales support. As consumer expectations shift, vehicle manufacturers rethink how their cars may personify user experience that exceeds the expectations of the cominggeneration.The automotive industry is continually instituting… Continue Reading

Top Tips To Help You Learn To Drive Quicker

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Due to the pressures of modern day life we often want things to be done instantaneously. Everything needs to happen now and whether it’s dating, finding a job or buying a vehicle we most people want the outcome as soon as they have thought about it and this creates a culture of unrealistic expectations that… Continue Reading

Gasoline Hacks

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If you want to get the most out of your petroleum budget, there are some tricks you might want to know about.  Of course, there are vehicle-based items you want taken care of first when trying to stretch your gas; things such as driving at reasonable speeds, keeping your car in good tune and keeping… Continue Reading

The Most Influential Car of the 1930s

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The Chrysler Airflow, widely considered the most influential car of the 1930s, nearly bankrupted Chrysler Corporation.  The story involves executives with eyes so firmly fixed on the future that they essentially ignored what the motoring public of the day wanted.  Here’s the fascinating story. Carl Breer, one of the “Three Musketeers” of Chrysler management in… Continue Reading

When was the last time you waxed your car?

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Waxing your car isn’t something that they just did in the old days. Regular car waxing will improve your vehicle’s look and, most importantly, will prolong the life span of its paint. It seems that few people do it anymore and that’s too bad.  Paint jobs are expensive! What You’ll Need You will want to… Continue Reading

The Most Recognizable Car Ever Made?

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One of the most recognizable automotive icons in the world is the 1955 Chevrolet.  To start with, it has been featured in hundreds of Hollywood films over the years.  Want a good example? It was in American Graffiti that Harrison Ford made his movie debut driving a black 1955 Chevy that challenged John Milner (Paul… Continue Reading